Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Staff Highlight: Andrew Delaney

Andrew is one of our newest rangers at Rhino River Lodge and he is already receiving rave reviews from guests. Here we get to know a little bit more about Andrew...

What led to your position at Rhino River Lodge?
Having worked and been to quite a few different areas in South Africa, I was interested to try somewhere that was new to me. I had heard about many of the reserves in KZN and how amazing they were. I jumped at the opportunity and was not dissappointed.
What aspect of your new position are you most excited about?
Definitely the scenery. The reserve is absolutely stunning and after 3 months my jaw still drops at the beauty of some of the areas. It is also fantastic to work with a great team and I am looking forward to what the future holds.
What is your favourite part of being a game ranger?
Spending time in the wild we are able to observe some truly fascinating interactions between animals. The excitement of taking people out and showing them things that they may have only seen on tv is also amazing.
What advice would you give someone coming on safari for the very first time?
Try and take in as much as possible but at the same time relax and just enjoy nature. Seeing the well know species is always amazing but sometimes the smaller things in the wild can surprise us the most.
Do you have a favourite animal to view on game drive?
Its a tough choice between aardvark and elephant. Aardvark are special because they are so different and being rather hard to find its just always nice to see them. Elephant are just amazing and the way that they interact with each other is special. Each time you see one it feels like a new experience.
What do you love best about living in the bush?
Each time I step out onto the reserve it feels I have traveled back a few hundred years to a time before  skyscrapers and busy highways. Its a special feeling which is rather addictive.

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