Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Staff Highlight: Wyatt Airton

While only newly promoted to the position of game ranger, Wyatt has been with Rhino River Lodge for longer than any of our other rangers on staff. In fact, Wyatt has been with Rhino River Lodge since his birth, two and a half years ago. That’s right, this month’s staff highlight, is Wyatt Airton, Africa’s youngest game ranger.* 

Wyatt is the son of the owner/manager team Dale and Shannon. At two and a half some of his favourite things to do at Rhino River Lodge are play in the river sand, beg muffins from the kitchen, help to feed Lucky the rhino, ride motorbikes with Dad, and take game drives to see animals. 

Here we learn a bit more about Wyatt in an interview. Interviewer/mom notes in parentheses.

What is your favourite animal to see on game drive? Zebra (this is news to me, mom would say it was rhinos or wild dogs)
Where is your favourite place to drive on game drive? In the river

What is the scariest animal? What is the scariest animal? (He repeats questions when he doesn’t know the answer, mom guesses this Wyatt thinks crocodiles are the scariest.)

At this point in the interview I was informed that he was going to go play with his cars. A game ranger leads a busy life, after all. Since Wyatt is a little short on words, we thought we’d share some photos of his life as a game ranger…

If you would like to follow Wyatt’s further adventures please check out our Instagram account @livingamounglions at:

*Please note that we are just joking. Please do not expect Wyatt to take you on a game drive at Rhino River Lodge. At least for the next 16 years ;-).

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